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Publisher and Editorial Policy is wholly owned and published by InfoTrax Systems. The opinions expressed by bloggers and forum participants are their own and not the responsibility of InfoTrax Systems, its employees or management team. makes every effort to monitor the content of this site but does not warrant or endorse any company, individual or their opinions expressed herein. encourages lively conversation and debate but prohibits any disparaging of individuals or institutions, except as appropriate in professional criticism and reportage. Report any abuses you suspect to

On occasion, the articles, blogs and other features of include stories that involved the clients or other affiliates of our bloggers, writers, editors or of InfoTrax. In many cases, the associations provide access and insight not available to the general media. In all cases, seeks to be fair, balanced and accurate in our reporting and commentary. We regularly seek opinion and comment in response to our own. However, because we ourselves are members of the direct selling industry, we recognize the potential for conflict of interest and bias and we seek to mitigate it with strict policies for fact verification and with an editorial staff who are not directly involved in the business of InfoTrax. We are unashamed promoters of the benefits of home-based businesses but we also wish to provide a level of fairness in reporting that you can’t often find elsewhere in the media.