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PipelineHero App: Creating Your Sales and Recruitment Pipeline

App Review

Article by: Tina Rawlins
January 25, 2016

If your goal is to make your business grow in 2016, then PipelineHero may be right for you. This free app makes a game of marketing your business and can help your team grow in to retail sales masters.

PipelineHero is currently only available for iPad and iPhone. The app was uploaded to the iTunes store on January 6, 2016, so it has not yet been reviewed in the iTunes app store. If you are not yet making money in your direct selling or multilevel marketing business, consider trying this app; it may do the trick to get you making regular retail sales and recruiting new members into your downline.

The app has two features: a 30-day goal for prospects or leads, or a custom goal per day. You can enter an email for yourself and your mentor to help you remain accountable to your daily or 30-day goal. On their website, there is a video and a bold claim of a 87% higher success rates by individuals using the 30-day challenge.

I recently asked a few direct selling professionals how they help their downline grow their businesses. Many of them replied that they have Facebook groups and they congratulate their downline for their successes. Some said that they offer an email newsletter or small incentives. With the increased accountability for essential prospecting functions, this app could support both leaders and new business owners.

I tried the app and set a goal of talking with two prospects each day. Talking with people is the core building block of any business. The next day, if I had not completed my goal, the app would remind me of it. It was very motivating to get daily notifications about my previous day’s performance. The days that I did not get two prospects, there was a little twinge of regret in the morning, but I changed my days’ plans to accommodate the need to meet my goals. I believe most people who use this app will see a dramatic increase in their ability to offer retail products for purchase and in the growth of their businesses.

Key Features:

• Prospecting daily goals
• Performance evaluation of the previous day through a phone app notification
• 30 day challenge for prospecting
• Team challenge capabilities Grade: 4/5

If you are interested in learning more about the PipelineHero App, visit iTunes store.

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