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by TAPiBOO » Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:09 am

I represent a Russian production company. We manufacture and distribute children’s footwear. Searching for a suitable business development model we have come across MLM. For now we have both a brand and a product, and we use a traditional sales model. We are looking for a person with a vast MLM experience who would be able to assess our abilities to develop in that direction. What we need exactly, is a person who, based on the provided data on the product and the market, will do the SWOT-analysis to create MLM sales system for our product in Russia, i.e. we need to assess possible risks, necessary investments volumes and develop a market-oriented business model. After that we may speak of the second phase, namely the direct implementation of the project. Thus, we are looking for a person to cooperate on a compensating basis and capable of implementing both phases of the project: 1. Project assessment, 2. Project implementation.
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