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SocialCashflow ~

by randymajor » Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:09 am

SocialCashflow is a new site taking it's very first member just 3 days ago. It now has almost 30 members as we are in our testing and improving stages.

The site is a social network made for marketers and everyday people alike. We share 60% of all our ad revenue with our users based on referrals. We know that this is not a new concept however we are trying to make it much much better. In the past sites like this have focused on the MLM side of things and created hard to use sites or sites that are loaded with tons of ads that pop up and make it even harder to use the site. We are trying to make a easy to use simple fun engaging site.

As we push functionality into the site that goes beyond jut a MLM site we see that there are many tools for promoting that make it easy for anyone to do. truly anyone, not just the anyones who what to put work and effort into it and try hard ect. We believe this is going to create a very active downline and fast steady growth for our marketers.

Some of these marketing features are the ability to simply share a photo to facebook. Anyone can do that and when you do it posts a link to that photo on SocialCashflow. On that page it says that a user has uploaded this photo and you can join us to find more like it. When someone follows that link they come in under the referral id of the person who shared it.

We also have contest each month, this month we are giving away an I pad Mini 2 to a member just for uploading a selfie. It is easy and simple to invite friends to join this contest and bam you have yet another few referrals.

Furthermore when the entries for this contest are over and we start the new one, there will be a voting phase for the finalist. Again you can ask friends and post of facebook google+ ect for people to vote and help you win. You guessed it more referrals just like that.

Now like I said the site is very new. Right now there is the contest nothing is currently in the voting phase. There is the share link that also shares your referral link. however there is only profiles photos and basic socializing on the site now just because we are so new. This week groups are going to be added and much more.

The site is free to join, free to earn, free to refer.

Feel free to join at do not worry about a referral url ...

Even more important. If you read this and you are not joining I would love to know why so I can adjust my site to include a larger audience. If you have any questions send me a message in socialcashflow my name is Randy Major
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