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How to TRULY Bring people on Board....

by Aligndreamreality » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:39 pm

Is there a way to successfully introduce a company to cold markets?
That is, without having to sift through a lot of trial and error paid traffic to see what works...
One amazing way is by creating a higher value in what you're offering to people, than what you're asking them to take a chance on.
Unfortunately most companies don't achieve this because it is extremely difficult to achieve.

Well there is a brand new company that has ABSOLUTELY achieved this.
Being able to gift an entire week stay at a 3-4 star resort, simply for agreeing to go on a six month autoship
of product at $100/mo ($600 total commitment) is absolutely UNHEARD OF!!

Basically $1500-$2000 gift value just for trying out product....
Plus the product is all natural non GMO very high quality...

If you want to take charge of an opportunity, chances like this don't come around very often.
Basically never.
You have the ability to create a level one so wide that things just spread like wildfire.
Unlimited vacation gifts, so thousands can be given as people come into the company.

Since people will want the travel, they'll stay on autoship.
This is a revolutionary method of creating value and TRUE INCENTIVE
for customers to become PROMOTERS!!!!

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