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NewULife Legacy Prelaunch - Zero Competition & Hyper Growth!

by TheTopEarner » Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:15 am

Here is the rundown of WHY this company and WHY NOW!!!!

There were 100 people on the product for 8 months (test cases) THEN we opened on Nov 27th

December: 100k
January: 160k
February: 400k
March: 1.15 MIL
April: 2.72 MIL
May (until May 16th pause): 1.6 MIL

TOTAL SALES in 5 1/2 months: 6.13MIL

THIS IS A CLUE!!!!!!!!

NewULife is a new company, but the original company has been around for 26 years and selling Human Growth Hormone for the last 14 years in very very limited quantities. They finally got FDA registered and decided to use the network marketing model for distribution and created New U Life. Some people call HGH the fountain of youth. This is the ONLY company that is FDA registered to offer HGH in GEL form at a small fraction of the traditional price. Huge demand for 14 year old product with no competition = ALOT of money to be made! The product works, 100% safe and it is amazing!

Some of the potential benefits are: to be in a better mood, encourage fat loss, have healthier hair skin and nails, promote hair growth, increase joint mobility, increase your libido, have greater muscle tone, increase your strength, increase bone density, improve your memory. We are going to change peoples lives for the better 1 house at a time

Speaking of money it is a 60/40 Binary comp plan with unilevel under lay, awesome group volume, straight sale commissions, check match and 7 levels coaching bonuses, $1500 car bonus. Cycles are capped at an incredible 417 PER week ($25K) and they give you 5 weeks rolling on group volume which runs to infinity!

This is a TRUE LEGACY OPPORTUNITY and it's got an incredible comp plan too! Still in pre-launch. Check it out today and thank me tomorrow! Full comprehensive training and support provided by our team of leaders. It's going viral with organic growth! If you've never experienced organic growth it is ridiculously fun and rewarding!
This LEGACY Product brought me out of retirement. Our team is 75% of the company!
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