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Online Methods or Traditional? . . Which Get Better Results?

by Rich Alveranga » Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:04 am

I just want your opinion

In my past years in the MLM industry (early 2000's), I always have seen one thing to be consistent. EVERY company tells us to make a list of people we know (warm market). Then approach those people using the training that the company teaches:

    3 on 1's
    2 on 1's
    3 way calls
    Inviting to an event
    Host business functions at your home

You may sponsor a few people, or you may not. In most cases, the people that you sponsor may be enough to get a bonus, but not enough for residual income. So you may eventually go to the cold market where it is harder . . . but you never run out of people to talk to.

After 2005 when technology is in full swing you may go to your MLM company's event and they STILL tell you to make a list and teach how to approach them (where nothing is wrong with that) but they don't encourage getting trying to get prospects online.

In the CURRENT year, most of the leaders and trainers in various MLM companies have an online presence. They have websites with capture pages for people to put their information in, etc. Instead of actually talking to as many people, they take advantage of:

    Their Website
    Online Ads, etc

But they don't share that information on how to do those things at the big events.

Knowing this information, we don't actually know how many people in various other peoples downline were sponsored in person or sponsored online.

However, what I DO know is that many people say they don't do well in the industry people they "ran out of people to talk to"

Regardless of that fact, is it still better to traditionally get to know people in person, nurture that relationship then eventually personally show them your opportunity (which may take longer) OR take advantage of online methods that were mentioned earlier to keep up with the times (where they DON'T have to know the people).
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