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Breakthrough In Probiotic Supplementation

by Steve_Fazia » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:33 am

This has the potential to be a game changer within this particular category. Anyone who knows anything about probiotics will instantly recognize the magnitude of this. Below is the press release I wrote on another platform about Pre/O Biotics by 4Life Research at their 20 year anniversary celebration in May.

Steve Fazia

#1 Health And Fitness Supplement Co. Introduces Probiotic Breakthrough!
Published on 6/28/2018
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4Life Research, THE immune system company, was recently named the top supplement provider by Corporate USA Today. Trusted for 20 years now to deliver optimal immune support via the patented Transfer Factor line of nutraceuticals, the company has just introduced a revolutionary, groundbreaking probiotic dietary supplement. First and foremost, Pre/O Biotics, as it is named, is the ONLY probiotic product in the world containing Transfer Factor! The significance of this is monumental in this category of supplements. Since over 70% of our immune system resides in the gut, it is crucial to maintain a healthy microbiome in the digestive tract. A delicate balance of good and bad bacteria is essential to maintain in order to achieve optimal immune function. A good probiotic supplement is a start. But now when you add the proven immune system support of Transfer Factor, an amazing synergy unfolds, like nothing found in any probiotic product on the market today.

Here is what happens when the probiotics are combined with what is called prebiotics AND Transfer Factor. The product contains a blend of 3 different prebiotics that actually optimize the growth of healthy probiotics. While many of the better probiotic supplements do include prebiotics, they fall short of Pre/O Biotics by virtue of what the Transfer Factor does. In a university study conducted PRIOR to the introduction of the product, it was found that the TF also acted like a prebiotic, further stimulating growth of beneficial bacteria in the formulation. For example, the probiotic strain known as Bifidobacterium infantis (M-63) was boosted 868% by inclusion of the TF! This is unprecedented in a probiotic product.

Furthermore, Pre/O Biotics utilizes a microbeadlet delivery system, ensuring a delayed response delivery of probiotics ONLY to the colon. And the product comes in a convenienent stick pack. Contents can be swallowed whole, followed by water or other beverage. Finally, the product does NOT require refrigeration!

With such a plethora of probiotic supplements on the market today, one now stands out from the crowd. Try Pre/O Biotics today! Your digestive system AND your immune system will thank you!


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