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Starting a new mlm on new market

by woody21 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:29 am

Hi everyone,

I recently began using a companies online services and thought they would be a perfect match for an mlm, they all ready have an affiliate program so I approached them with the idea, never intending to set it up for them my self, just thought it would be a great fit and something I could get in early on. I spoke to their head of marketing who really liked the idea and he took it to the board who have come back with following questions.

think at this stage what we need is a fully specced out proposal covering;


1. Platform selection and functionality

2. How integration with the OM backend will work - i.e we have developers but it may need someone from the platform to assist

3. Who will manage the platform and police activity 

4. Where the OM marketing team is required within the above

Launch and Growth strategy

5. A preliminary launch plan (how we recruit the initial batch of sellers)

6. Forecast on growth based on first batch of sellers

I think we have discussed a great conceptual idea and next we would have to see how logistically and operationally this could be launched and fulfilled.

Ultimately it would be ideal to for someone to say "here is MLM, this is what it will be built in, this is how it will integrate with your current system, this is how we manage it ,  this is who we have to manage it, this is who we need from the OM side to manage it and these are the projected figures and how we propose to get there."

Could anyone point me in the right direction to answer their questions?
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