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    Party Plan

    Party plan companies used to be both a type of selling and accompanying single layer of compensation. Today, most party plan companies have a multilevel compensation. The "party" allows for a hostess to invite friends and receive product deals in return for inviting friends and family as they focus on product first and recruiting second. They have a 'bonus' type that is paid to the hostess or a key customer. It is common for a party plan company to have additional rules for hostess gifts or bonuses.


    Recruiting exists in all MLM, network marketing and direct selling companies. Recruiting means that a distributor creates a downline. Often compensation relies on having a personally enrolled group of downline distributors. Each distributor has the opportunity to recruit. How and who to recruit are critical questions each distributor must answer.

    Social Media

    Social media allow companies and distributors the opportunity to create and share a range of media to help support the sharing of information about product and opportunities that companies provide. Each social media platform reaches different audiences. Companies can use various social media to connect with a range of audiences in a timely and convenient fashion.

    MLM Success

    Every person plans to succeed. Planning can come from learning from others and by setting out goals. Success can be defined in a wide range of outcomes. Many define success as a little extra mad money every month. Others define success as providing a living for the family.

    Network Marketing

    Some people use the terms network marketing to refer to a company that pay distributors for sales of product and for the sales of product by their recruits or network. Many people use the term multi-level marketing (MLM) to mean the same as network marketing. The main idea behind both network marketing and MLM is that commissions are paid on several levels of recruits sales.