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    MLM 101

    Are you starting a new direct selling company or considering becoming an independent distributor for the first time? Getting a new business off the ground can seem daunting. It’s important to remember the secret ingredient that builds teams and breaks down walls: communication! Effective communication pushes your leadership team up the challenging ramp towards launch.

    Build Your Business

    Build your independent distributorship requires dedication and a plan. Find software, tools, and other resources available to help build your new home business.

    MLM Leadership

    Leading an effective team requires a range of skills. A great leader creates and sustains a vision of the what the future could be. A great leader transforms followers. A great leader adapts to situations and relationships in order to move all participants forward toward his/her goals. Leaders initiate group structure, norms and roles. Leaders support followers in the successes and failures. We have gathered here our favorite articles on what it means to be an effective leader.

    FTC versus Vemma

    In September of 2015, the FTC placed a Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Order and Asset Freeze on Vemma Nutrition Company. The reasons for the case focused on income claims, marketing videos, public statements from company leaders, and the company's young target market, but the repercussions land squarely on compensation norms across the industry. Our coverage of the case provides a detailed picture of the legal landscape before the case, the rhetoric behind the case, and the long-reaching effects the case may have on the industry.

    Herbalife Settlement

    In 2016, MLM Herbalife and the Federal Trade Commission settled out of court. Check out these articles to learn about the details of that settlement, the complaints the FTC raised, and the impact this out of court settlement could have on MLM companies and the network marketing industry at large.