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2015 Blogging Tools for Direct Selling Professionals

Article by: Tina Rawlins
November 17, 2015

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Blogging is a very popular way to promote your business. It is popular because the search engines like Google and Yahoo put special preference to popular blogs and websites that have fresh content. There are a few things you will need to establish a well-read blog. Blogging is typically a strategy used to procure free traffic. You can also buy traffic from social media or pay-per-click advertising to draw in your target audience. You may want to collect photos, videos, and ideas on paper for your first week of blogging. You will also need to setup these basics for your blog as well.

Getting started with blogging:
• Create a list of keywords.
• Use photos of yourself if your business is you!
• Hire a photographer. There is nothing like a good 10-20 well taken photos to make your blog interesting.
• Your blog needs to connect to your social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube.
• Your blog should be a changing and updated reflection of you and your brand.
• Your blog should reflect your values, your expertise, and show your activity.
• You need a basic hosting package such as or
• You need a few topics to get you started.
• Identify what you want your audience to do and give them instruction on how to do it.

So you want to get started with blogging? Let’s look at some tools to support you and some ideas from the experts:

Promote your next event using a Blog
How to start a blog and YouTube Channel
How to overcome the fear of content writing
Getting started

Blogging platforms – You may not know it but you may already have a blog. Check out LinkedIn to start creating blog posts and put the most successful pieces on your public blog. – WordPress is a great platform for creating a free blog. For more advanced users consider using a hosted version of Wordpress. If you already have a wordpress website and you want to move to a self-hosted version check out this video. – A self-hosted version can be downloaded from here and put on your own website server. Here is a tutorial to get you started. – Blogger is a simple hosted blog platform. It is not as customizable as WordPress. It is owned by Google and connects to your Google+ profile. – Tumblr is considered a niche group but still creates free visibility for your business.  Tumblr is a quick sharing blog for text, photos, videos, quotes, and links. It is easily updated from a phone or a computer. – Slideshare is not necessarily a blog platform but it can be helpful in bringing you traffic if you plan your content well and use the embed tags to put your slideshares into your blog posts. If you already have a powerpoint file, you can use it as a blog to drive traffic to you by hosting it on They accept both free and paid versions of hosting. You can also collect leads when integrating it with Hubspot or Marketo. – Let’s face it, video is the hottest way to blog these days. Outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter love videos and your audience does too. You may hear people refer to video channels that have regular posts as “vlogs” which is short for a video blog. To do simple edits to videos you can use iMovie, or if you want you can also have someone assist you from

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Comments (2)

  • Scott Allen - Reply

    Dec 31, 2015

    One thing to be careful with on WordPress is that if you’re hosting on, they have a “no MLM” policy. If it’s just general motivation / journaling, then fine, but any hint of MLM, and if anyone reports it, it will get deleted — not suspended with a warning — deleted.

    I love WordPress, but you need to pay the $5 a month or so for your own hosting or risk losing everything.

  • Claudette - Reply

    Jul 10, 2016

    Love your program. getting a slow start…but learning to be more successful in my business. Thanks.

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