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2016’s Direct Sales Contact Management Apps

Recruit smarter with better contact management

Article by: Tina Rawlins
January 14, 2016

Effective contact management can make a huge difference in your ability to recruit new distributors to your business opportunity. I’ve taken some time to look through some of this year’s top apps for managing your contacts. Keep reading to see details about my picks for iPhone and Android, and for Party Plan specific contact management (available on both iPhone and Android).

V Creator MLM 

(Available for $8.99 from iTunes)

V Creator is a contact management app. With it you can add contacts to two prioritized lists, input information about each contact for filtering purposes, and store notes to help you keep track of your relationships.

The first feature that catches my eye about this app is the option to track rejections. You can keep records of who rejected your products and who rejected your business opportunity. In many classes for sales training, there is an activity that helps sales people overcome their fear of being rejected. Often trainers send participants out into public to practice their pitch and collect a goal number of “no” responses. This activity trains the mind to overlook the “no” and instead analyze the possible objections and help customers overcome those objections to say “yes”. This app not only helps you track who the “no” comes from, but it also lets you track the number of “no” responses you receive in a day.

The second feature I like about this app is that includes tracking for your goals and dreams. It is important to have a way to easily remind yourself the future rewards of your daily activities. Keeping your eye on your dreams can help you have the fulfilling career that motivated you to become a distributor in the first place.

Lastly, the contact list is a master list with several filters. You can include photos with your contacts to help you remember the conversations you’ve had with each individual. Adding notes and reminders to the contacts in the list will help you get the reputation of having a great memory and making customers and business prospects feel heard and understood. Ultimately this creates positive relationships that will help you grow your business.

Are you working with a team? You can export your contact list into a PDF document. Then hire a few interns and sales people to help you follow-up with the large list of contacts. The app works well and is only in its second version. They have a page on Facebook through which you can contact them if you need to. If you are a visual person, this app could be very important to support you in creating a visual contact list with important notes. If you can choose only one app to purchase for your recruiting, I would suggest this one. Try it out and comment below about your experience using this app.

MLM Contact List Creator

(Available for $2.99 from itunes)

mlm1 mlm2


This android app is designed to help you create a large contact list and organize your top 30 prospective customers and business opportunity recruits. The app helps you track your activities such as initiated three way calls, number of presentations or meetings, and new contacts generated. It will give you a summary of your activities and send it to your upline. This gives you a feeling of accountability. Your chances of success are much higher if you are accountable to yourself and to others in your business. The company that created this app understood that without tracking you can often lack motivation to create new relationships and opportunities to connect with prospective customers.

A small investment in purchasing this app will go a long way in growing any business, and most individual distributors will see a return on their investment within the first purchase of your products. Download and install this app today. Tell us what you liked and what future features you would find helpful in an app for recruitment and selling. Comment below!

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