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Are You Feeling the Squeeze Financially?

Article by: Michael Puskas
November 19, 2014

Many people are feeling the squeeze financially these days. It is a terrible thing, but believe it or not, it is not all bad.

It’s just like with an orange, there is nothing wrong with it in its natural, whole state, but you can’t get the greatest benefit from it. It’s not just something to be admired, it is to be consumed and enjoyed. To get the full advantage of it, it needs to be, for example, cut in half and squeezed. There is nothing as tasty to drink as fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Our lives are much the same. When they are status quo, our true potential isn’t manifest. It seems that when we human beings get “squeezed,” that’s when our greatest personal development occurs. We tend to rise to our potential!

I believe financial hardships are God’s way of “squeezing” us to make some course changes. We may have a great job, but then something happens, and all of a sudden we are faced with a pay reduction, wage freezes, or lay-offs. The proper way to look at these events is to realize that there must be something better for us. We just needed some pressure to discover what that “something better” is.

I would never have gotten involved with network marketing if I had not been “squeezed.” I was tired of being told when to report to work, when to go on vacation, how much I was going to make, that I would be laid-off, fired, etc. These circumstances pressed me to take some action and develop a plan to become financially independent via MLM.

It’s when we reach the point of being “squeezed” that great things can begin to happen. Our true gifts, talents, and desires, come forth from this process. The “squeeze” helps us to realize that there must be a better way—and there usually is!

Are you feeling the “squeeze” financially—the pressure? If so, don’t panic or lose heart. When you feel the “squeeze,” it’s time to seek new answers—a fresh approach—to the problems developing in your life. Discover the opportunity for growth in the situation you are in. Keep an open mind and start doing some real soul searching. What is it that you really want in life? What do you want to accomplish? What do you love? What do you hate? What excites you? What do you do naturally that can benefit others? The answers to these questions might be the key to your future.

Remember that if a problem exists, there has got to be a solution. I believe if there were no solutions, problems would not exist. A problem is proof of a solution; it just needs to be found out. I would bet that you have or are the solution to a certain problem. All you need to do is find out what you are great at. You must be great at something. God doesn’t make inferior products! He put a solution to other’s problems in you. Find out what that is and market it, for it is that solution (gift or talent) that you already possess that will make you rich!

Today, opportunities in network marketing abound for those who truly seek them. It’s simple to search them out via your phone and the internet. Seek and you shall find. There is certainty in the result of seeking. However, people do not usually seek unless they are pressed to do so; it’s human nature. By doing so, you can become rich. Network marketing businesses spring up daily from people who are “squeezed” or pressured financially. However, the thing that is essential to remember is you must keep seeking until you find!

Life happens. Yet, I find that when one door closes, another opens. Many individuals curse the closed door, never realizing that a bigger door is opening right in front of them. The bottom line is getting “squeezed” is actually a blessing that can push you to new horizons—untapped success. May you discover that this is true!

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