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Avon: Top Global Green Brands

Article by: Nancy Tobler
March 3, 2015

What does it mean to be green? Certainly companies differ in how they define the term. I like how Fortune magazine defines green. “Generally speaking, this means one in which water gets conserved, energy and materials come increasingly from clean sources, and the social impact of the business is positive.”

Since 2011, Interbrand and Deloitte have identified the top 50 Green brands.  In order to be considered for the top green brands, you must be on the top 100 Global Brands list. Avon has made the top 100 list of brands every year. The top green bands are ranked on both the effort they put into being green as a company and how well the public perceives them on being green. In 2014, Avon ranked at number 42.

Avon has many initiatives on environmental sustainability that range from operations with green building and water conservation to material use and packaging to reforestation.

I found the information on reforestation fascinating. I had not even thought about the environmental impact of the increased demand for palm oil. I found their interest in and support of the issue encouraging, especially since Avon is not a major user of palm oil.

If you have not, take a minute to look at the environmental policies and practices of direct selling and network marketing companies.

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