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Ausante is first and foremost a network of people united in a common cause. We work with Businesses, Governments and NGOs in different countries to fund environmental and humanitarian projects; in return creating carbon offsets which we sell to generate income for our business. This in essence is our business model.
The trees, the flowers, the creatures, the oceans, and the very stones beneath our feet are all connected.  We are all part of the Earth, and all things on our planet prosper inside a delicate balance dependent on each other.
What was once thought of as an environmental problem has now, touched us all.
Big business and government are not in a position to effectively address this problem.   Individual efforts and political groups have fallen short.  Our individual efforts are not enough, and the use of government has divided us.
Today, the matter has become urgent.   Not only must we act, we must act aggressively. 
Ordinary people, inspired by our natural passion and empathy for our world and each other have come together to create and carry out an aggressive and revolutionary plan to restore some of the ecological balance of our world.
The greatest challenges in life always seem insurmountable, yet history has shown us that when we are called to task, with a common purpose, we can level mountains.
Our plan results in immediate and measurable benefits to people and our environment.