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Our goal is to impact world health and help people both physically and financially while in the process creating the largest health and wellness company in the world.

We started with a simple idea to produce the best hydrating water in the world. This product is an accumulation of years of effort. The journey was long and arduous. The product is a case study in cross technology integration. We started with the basic premise of making the purest water available, and then tried to modify its production to give it super hydrating properties.

The history of the development crosses over many disciplines. The basis of our development started with an extensive study of waters from around the globe. By analyzing these waters we were able to see patterns that we could strive to reproduce. The goal was to understand the nature of these different waters and look at the hydrating properties that they provided. Once we had our target, the next process was to hit it.

The first results provided a superior product, but we were troubled by its short shelf life. This is where the cross integration process came in. We have had years of experience dealing with the development and stabilizing of numerous other products. By taking this experience and opening up our thoughts to new ideas we were able to integrate other water treatment processes that had never been used before. The results were astounding. In the end, we ended up with the properties that we desired, and a shelf stable product that is now our unique proprietary processing technology that produced an incredibly fresh taste and pure hydrating water.