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Big Ear, Inc.

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"IG EAR INC. 909 Juniper Ave
Crete, NE
United States


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BIG EAR was born in pain – literally!  I was ridding with my brother and was looking for a way to reduce the pain experienced from wind noise while we rode our motorcycles across country. Nothing worked till I saw an early prototype of what was to eventually become Big Ear, Inc.

When I saw this early use of silicone to make custom fit ear plugs, I realized its potential and decided to find a way to help others solve their same problem – noise induced hearing loss. I suffering from Tinnitus, and already knew the strain of having constant noise in my head so I wanted to help others avoid such problems. 

BIG EAR INC became a reality in 2003. We decided to start with their passion for motorcycle riding and set out to help other riders find the same solution that worked so well for them. As a consequence of their hearing conservation efforts for motorcyclists, BIG EAR INC now enjoys a national reputation for quality and exemplary customer service as described frequently in the many product reviews that have appeared in major trade publications.

We traveled the world doing all the major motorcycle related events, creating customers and markets on many continents. This has led to our new phase because of demand and my passion for innovation we have lessened our Company Trade show appearances and we are now training local providers to become motivated to help me with the message of hearing conservation.

Innovation is the hallmark of BIG EAR INC’s future and in 2012, BIG EAR INC will soon have adapters for customized applications for every major Bluetooth headset model’s; introduced new products for gamers and pilots; We have developed an electronic compression circuit for shooters, military, swat and security forces, that includes the hearing prescription as a application that can be modified to the wearer’s specific preferences and has a custom fit.

As we always continue to evolve we have introduced a complete line of Musician in ear monitors along with all the different hearing protection options available to protect ones hearing.

We are always looking for Customers to help spread the and become involved with Big Ear.