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Our Commitment to Sensitive Skin.
We believe everyone deserves to use high quality skin care, makeup and personal care products with no worries about irritating ingredients. Cleure is committed to providing sensitive skin care products specially formulated to meet your personal care, skin care and cosmetic needs formulated with gentle, simple, yet effective ingredients.
We believe you deserve to be beautiful without the risk of potential toxins and questionable ingredients.
What we don’t put into our products is as important as what we do. Our focus is sensitive skin. With that in mind, our products are gluten free, salicylate free, paraben free, and fragrance free.

We believe you should know what is in the products you use.
All ingredients are listed. We don’t hide behind “natural” plants and ingredients to sell products. We think plants have many side effects and are often sprayed with pesticides. We use the latest reports, studies and reputable databases to determine safety of ingredients. We offer educational blogs and articles on our site to help you make informed decisions about which products to use.

We believe in ecological responsibility.
All Cleure packaging are recyclable, and as a result have the lowest impact on our environment. Our products and packaging are made in the United States of American under the highest standards.

We believe in manufacturing that is free of animal cruelty.
We promise to never test ingredients or products on animals.

We use manufacturing facilities that are gluten free.
All Cleure manufacturing facilities are strictly used for gluten free products.

Giving back is part of who we are.
We donate to our troops through the Coffee Bean. We donate funds and products to the Rescue Mission Alliance, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. We also give to missionaries in Africa and other organizations.