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"Compelling Creations, Inc. 2472 Jett Ferry Road Suite 400-142 Atlanta, GA 30338"
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Jill Felts, guided by her faith and love for designing beautiful, inspirational jewelry, founded Compelling Creations® in 1998. What started as a unique vision has grown into one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in the United States. Many years ago, though, all this could have turned out very differently.

One day while purchasing a gift for a friend’s birthday from a gag gift store, Jill had a chance meeting with the Vice President of Vendor Relations of that particular store chain. At the time, Jill’s company designed a line of zipper pulls called Zipper Art® – ranging from sterling silver peace signs to cats and dogs. After talking at length about the collection, the gentleman asked her to present the Zipper Art® idea to his company. Jill walked away seeing dollar signs. What if they put her pulls in all their stores? Wow! This could be huge. She rushed home to tell her husband whose reaction was not as enthusiastic as she thought it would be.

She defiantly sent her proposal to the chain, the following week. However, in the middle of the night, she woke up and heard a clear, loud voice ask one simple question, “WHO ARE YOU?” In a cold sweat, her heart pounding,she ran to her computer and quickly typed in three qualities: wholesome, generous, and “I have my Father’s eyes.”

As she tried to catch her breath, Jill sat back and stared at the words: wholesome, generous, I have my Father’s eyes. She knew it was God showing her a mirror of her true self—a blueprint to her soul.

In awe of what had just happened, she woke her husband to tell him. He believed every word. But as they dozed back to sleep, IT HIT HER! What was she doing?! This company wasn’t aligned with the “blueprint” just revealed to her!! She didn’t want her daughters shopping in this store, so why would she do business with them?!

Jill didn’t sleep the rest of the night and worried the next few days. What if they accepted her? What would she do? The possible dollar signs still blurred her vision. She tried to rationalize how she could change the gift shop chain, and how the whole store wasn’t so bad. Then, a couple days later, she received the call. “You are not raunchy enough,” said the purchasing department representative on the other line.What? Wow, how right they were! She was wholesome, generous, and had her Father’s eyes. Jill was not aligned with what this company stood for at all!

Within two weeks of the rejection, she received another call out of the blue from two women affiliated with the Girl Scouts asking her to create four zipper pulls for the Girl Scouts of America. The word “wholesome” came to mind. Jill thanked God for setting her back on track!

Her young company had been floundering, because she didn’t know who she was supposed to be in business. For the first time, her true entrepreneurial spirit aligned with her true self. Jill had been working all this time with the wrong focus. She had been working to please people. She realized the true meaning of Colossians 3:23: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as if working for the Lord, not for men.”
Boomerang Pendant

She chose the “returning boomerang” as the Company logo, because it represents the Company’s philosophyperfectly stated by St. Francis of Assisi: “For it is in the giving that we receive.” A boomerang only returns to its origin when thrown correctly. As Jill often says, “If not thrown with the right intention…it’s just a stick.” All Consultants receive this pendant in their Enrollment Kit.

Over the years her jewelry line has become a ministry that speaks to all ages. By 2007, more and more women began to ask if they could sell Compelling Creations jewelry in their circles of influence. What started as a referral program changed the entire business model to that of one of the fastest growing direct selling companies. Now there are Consultants nationwide wearing and sharing the jewelry though direct selling at home parties, expos, and personal replicated websites.

When you join Compelling Creations as a Consultant you find that it’s so much more than just jewelry. Compelling Creations Consultants and the home office strive to inspire, challenge, and uplift party Guests and Customers through the jewelry messages, and that spirit carries through the Consultant community. Compelling Creations Consultants love what they do, and love to share, connect and encourage one another in their businesses. You will often hear Jill say, “We will always be a growing company: growing in our faith and our friendships as we grow in business.” We are so blessed.