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Epicure Selections

"10555 West Saanich Rd. North Saanich, BC V8L 6A8 "


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Welcome to Epicure Selections® — a unique, 100% Canadian, 100% family-owned, women-led company, committed to doing good by providing great food, a great living, and by giving back to Canadians and their communities.

Victorian Epicure Inc. was founded by Sylvie Rochette to address a genuine need for easy, healthful, and delicious mealtime solutions. With an initial offering of four hand-crafted spice blends sold from her station wagon at local markets and consumer trade shows, the overwhelming popularity and demand for Epicure products soon prompted the creation of Epicure Selections®.

Epicure Selections® follows a party-plan direct sales distribution model to share our evolving product line. Today, Sylvie is pleased and proud to see thousands of Independent Epicure Consultants across Canada share her “recipe for success” with their own home-based Epicure businesses.