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Marketing Xocolate International (MXI Corp)

"795 Trademark Drive Reno, NV 89521"
United States


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Established in 2005, Marketing Xocolate International Corporation (or MXI-Corp) is the world leader in healthy, dark chocolate products.  All MXI products are focused on potent doses of delicious, antioxidant-rich Belgian cacao.


MXI-Corp believes that the high levels of natural antioxidants that are found in its cacao can provide a viable solution to individual nutritional needs.  The Xoçai line, which currently includes nine products, is manufactured utilizing a cold-press process, which preserves the nutritional values of the company’s proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals. 


Nevada-based MXI-Corp is a privately held company.  The Brooks family, owners and operators of MXI-Corp, have total combined chocolate sales of more than $1 billion and have been in the chocolate business for over a decade.


Every day, over 1 billion people worldwide eat chocolate; in fact, the average American consumes more than 12 pounds of chocolate each year.  Consequently, the Xoçai™ business model is actually quite simple: replace the bad with the good.  The best part of this situation is that you will be paid to eat and share our Healthy Chocolate.  In short, improved health, financial success, a flexible lifestyle, and a thriving business can be yours with Xoçai. 


As the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the vision of MXI Corp is to transform and improve lives worldwide through unique and healthy chocolate products.  MXI also seeks to provide a promising business opportunity while engaging in socially and environmentally responsible practices.


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