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The story begins in 1975 in the spectacularly beautiful environment of the Marlborough Sounds region of New Zealand. A young man by the name of John Turner arrived in the small seaside town of Nelson, with a plan to start his own fishing company.

It was in the Marlborough Sounds that John observed the first experimental mussel farm. There was much discussion at the time about the amazing health benefits of the greenlip mussel. Scientists and researchers around the world had known for many years that this particular mussel found only in New Zealand, contains a unique concentration of omega-3 fatty acids.

After sampling the mussels for himself, John was inspired by the potential of this unique shellfish — both as a health supplement and as a gourmet food. John was one of the first to procure a license to operate a mussel farm in the Marlborough Sounds; and he became a pioneer in the new industry of sustainable marine farming.

Inspired by the opportunity, John went on to establish global markets for the greenlip mussels. He initially focused his energy on producing a half-shell mussel product for the food industry—and in 1982 he shipped the very first container of frozen half-shell mussels to the USA. Over the next few years, John travelled extensively, establishing markets for the greenlip mussel in many different countries. In the late 1980’s, John met a young Japanese man by the name of Yoshi Kosuge. It was this serendipitous meeting that shifted John’s attention to the very important health benefits of the greenlip mussel. Yoshi was the son of the well-known scientist Professor Kosuge based at Shizuoka University. One of Professor Kosuge’s key areas of research was studying the active nutritional components of the New Zealand greenlip mussel (Perna caniliculus). This meeting inspired John to shift the focus of his business towards creating a mussel health supplement. The development of an oil capsule in the late 1990’s was a huge leap forward from the powdered extract supplement that the industry had been selling up until that time. The new mussel oil capsule was a major breakthrough as it provided a far more potent supplement than the powdered product.

In 1996, John moved to Tokyo, where he currently resides. The family business includes his 2 sons, James and Jared, who share their father’s vision and passion to provide powerful health-enhancing products from the natural pristine environment of New Zealand. In 2004, MOXXOR Limited was officially registered in New Zealand, and began its evolution. In 2008 MOXXOR was launched in USA and distributed through a network marketing business model. In early 2013 MOXXOR was launched in Japan.