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Creating YOUR Brand!

Article by: Deb Bixler
October 26, 2015

An exciting part of joining an MLM, direct sales, or party plan company is that you are truly never alone in your business. You already have your own team. You most likely had a sponsor or someone who introduced you into the business. Your sponsor probably told you about the great training opportunities, annual convention, team meetings, and the camaraderie with the other business owners just like you.

Great! You’re not alone.

You are among other business owners with a business just…like…yours. You all sell the same products; your company has the same logo and the same corporate name. So how do you run a unique business when you are selling the same products as so many others?

Here are 4 tips that will turn your party plan company into a business branded around YOU!

Create a Sub-Brand

You will always sell the products developed from your parent, or corporate company, but you are running your own business. I highly suggest having your own company name with its own look.

Carry this sub-brand through all of your marketing, such as logos, flyers, and your website. Make it your URL, if you can have a vanity website address for your replicated site. Put it on your business cards, your t-shirts and stickers.

This will help your audience distinguish you from the other reps for your company and it will help you stand out.

Know Your Niche

You can’t please all of the people all of the time. You’ve heard that saying, haven’t you? Knowing who your ideal consumers are and what your marketing niche is will help you connect with them on greater levels.

You can hang out where they hang out. They will probably have common interests, too. You will never resonate with everyone at your parties but if you’re presenting to the right people you will have better bonds and create a name for yourself.

Be The CEO

Company literature is fabulous. Your corporate office spends a lot of time and money creating these for you to use. Here’s the truth though, no one says you have to use them. They are tools and suggestions. If you want to design your own catalog or flyers, create your own prices, that’s your choice. If you like to coach your team a certain way, then do it that way.

Always follow corporate rules but know that training, pricing, and marketing materials are suggested. No one says they are the only things you can use. Be the CEO of your business and do things your own way.

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. People connect with you, not because you have the flashiest commercial, or the prettiest t-shirts. If you run your business from your heart and with passion, people will remember you and continue to refer their friends.

Standing out doesn’t mean you have to do lavish marketing stunts, have pink hair or use brash language. Standing out happens when you know your business, you know your consumers and you have passion.

Market with passion!

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