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Effective Social Media and Lead Generation for Network Marketing and Party Plan Companies

Article by: Mark Rawlins | Founder & CEO, InfoTrax
February 6, 2015

With today’s technology there are many new ways to communicate online and create leads. Network marketing and party plan companies should leverage new media and technology to create optimal growth of their product sales and distributorships. You might be wondering, what are companies doing to support the field with lead generation?

From what we have seen in recent years most companies are realizing that they need to do two things in order to grow.

  • Companies must create a strong online presence to buoy up brand awareness and the field then can create customers and grow their downlines.
  • Companies must help distributors grow their warm markets and communicate to the warm markets effectively on social media. Stories, press releases, photography, and video that can be easily reshared are highly effective. In fact, companies are now tracking product and brand mentions in tweets and retweets. Keywords and hashtags are commonly sought after.

The Warm Market and Expanding Into the “Luke” Warm Market

Companies need to work with distributors to make a larger footprint online. However, the company must be the ones to provide compliant promotional images, videos, and other online media for the best chances of success. Distributors can use these assets to get the attention of their warm market. In social media, attention to a message is measured with “likes” and “shares.”

The definition of warm market has changed since the 80’s and 90’s. These days it is not uncommon for someone to have 100 to 1,000 friends on Facebook. There is in fact now a “luke warm” market and a “warm” market. It should be the goal of each distributor to use these platforms and services to turn their “luke warm” market into extremely warm markets.

Compliant Messages That Are Easy To Share

Network marketing and party plan companies should make it easy for distributors to share  predetermined and legally compliant marketing messages that target niche markets with shared core values or, if they do not, they should be warned that the FTC and FDA are happy to make arrangements in helping to identify illegal claims. They are happy to review promotional marketing pieces, are quick to claim a space in the offices of network marketing and direct selling companies.

Buying Leads Vs. Creating Relationships

To go beyond the social network distributors commonly look to purchase leads online or generate leads through a personal branding campaign. Purchased leads lack a connection and personal relationship with the distributor. Distributors are more likely to find success in developing relationships and their own leads. This requires the distributor to have the tools in place to grow these relationships. Successful product and business opportunity marketing requires motivation, education, training, or support. If network marketing and party plan companies rely solely on the distributor to tell the world that the product exists, it will not have the same growth as when distributor sells through personal relationships and is supported through marketing tools using social media or mobile marketing. The challenge is  people need to find ways to share their opportunity without getting friends on social media to unfriend them.

Passion Is Key For Being Poised for Growth

Motivation can be shared when distributor success is shared. Passion for the business and the product leads to motivation and business growth. If there were only a few NBA games per year then fans would not be as engaged as they currently are. They continue to engage in events and connect with others about that passion.

New younger generations are preferring to engage not only on social media but also on their phones as their main communication. Companies should be focused on mobile communications through SMS, mobile app notifications, and social networks. Email is dying and becoming difficult with filtering and spam. SMS is strong internationally and is becoming more prevalent in the US. It creates that direct communication for companies to use as a marketing tool because it is easier to manage. The user can give permissions and stop permissions for companies to communicate with them.

Some may encourage going back to basics and working to grow network marketing and direct selling downlines using person-to-person techniques. What is interesting is that the term person-to-person is changing in meaning. It used to be that people set up meetings through secretaries. It is commonplace now to simply call someone on the phone and that is a very personal way to communicate. I encourage companies to find within their organization a common core marketing message and leverage their distributors for growth in 2015.

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Mark Rawlins | Founder & CEO, InfoTrax

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