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Give It Time and Never Give Up!

Article by: Sue Seward
January 8, 2015

Network marketing is not a cake walk and there’s no easy button! It doesn’t happen overnight and you do not get rich in a few short months. Maybe this happens to a small number of individuals. You know, all the ones you read about in magazines who say they got a check for a bil-zillion dollars in a few short months! Then, they go out and flaunt their riches and make everyone think it’s so easy! In most of these cases, we never really hear the behind-the-scene, true story of how these people got to the top so quickly, do we?

Ask people who say they quit their jobs in six months to a year to do network marketing full time, how many hours they really had to spend in the beginning to make that kind of money so quickly. More importantly, ask them what sort of sacrifices they had to make. Trust me—there’s more to the story than just the dazzling limelight of the stage!

The bottom line is the get rich quick scene just isn’t the reality of the MLM industry. As professionals, we have got to stop this insane hype because it can be detrimental to our profession! We’ve got to get realistic here. MLM takes time and effort. Until people in network marketing start developing realistic goals, they will continue to frustrate themselves and most will quit.

In reality, most people have a full time job and many other obligations in their lives. Realistic MLM goals must take into account the busy list of life’s tasks that goes on and on, especially for women—feeding babies, changing diapers, cooking dinner, cleaning house, helping with homework, shopping for groceries, taking kids to ball games, etc. Because women are usually the caregivers in the family, when they join the MLM ranks, they have not only the responsibility of building a multi-million dollar business but also of caring for their families, which oftentimes includes their own aging parents. So, many people must start in network marketing part-time because it’s necessary for them to work it around their job or around their full-time life.

Even with all of life’s demands, anyone can still build a network marketing business if he/she really takes whatever precious little time is available and is patient as the business gradually grows.

When you decide that you want to change your career and start your own network marketing business, decide right then and there that you’ve got to give it at least 30 months of intense focus. You must be realistic about the time frame involved in developing your business based on your own particular situation. Always make sure you are sensitive to this fact in other people’s lives as well. Remember, if you were to start a traditional business, it would most likely take you at least two to three years to break even or maybe even longer.

Just be patient with network marketing and stick with it. That means making sure you are consistent on a daily basis with contacting prospects and filling your pipeline—even if all you have is one hour a day. It’s important not to go one day without doing something to grow your business because I can almost bet you the farm that if you go one day, it will turn into two, then three, then four, then a week, until a month goes by and you have not done anything on your business. Next come discouragement and frustration. Then, guess what happens? You’ll quit. Can you imagine leaving a million dollars in cash sitting on the table and getting up and walking away?!! That’s what you’re doing when you quit your network marketing business. My motto is, “Never give up! Believe that you can!”

So, do something every single day for your business! Even if it’s answering one email, calling one person, distributing products, listening to a conference call, etc. You absolutely must commit to do something every day for your business to succeed—to stay plugged into the loop with your company, your team, your upline, your organization and your profession. How successful you are really depends on how many contacts you are making on a daily basis. Jim Rohn says, “What you lack in skill, you make up in numbers.”

Developing my business has taken time. It has been a constant learning and growing process! I have gotten checks while learning—not, huge insane money—but still a very nice four-figure-a-month, passive, residual income that flows in month after month for working at home. So now, I call myself a CEO Mom! I’ve been able to stay home with my kids and take them and pick them up from school, and taxi them to their activities. I haven’t worked for someone else in over 17 years. I always realized that I would be underpaid in the beginning, and I now know the promise the future holds for me as I stay on course and continue building a solid foundation. It’s been a pleasure to have found network marketing when I did. Deciding to learn and grow through all the experiences, good and bad, but most of all, never giving up no matter what, has created leverage—and that, my friends, is the ultimate benefit in network marketing!

Just remember, success always comes at a price. Pay your dues day after day. Then, what happens is you gradually develop leverage, which results in the ultimate in lifefreedom. The most important thing is never, never, never give up!

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Sue Seward

Sue Seward is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and a top income earner with her company, who has been working from home online since 1996.


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