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How to Succeed at Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day – Part 1

Using social media in 15 minutes a day
Article by: Bill Ganz
October 23, 2014

Lead generation has always been the subject for direct selling companies; as a distributor there are two ways to make money: recruiting people and getting customers. Social media is a tool that’s going to make this easier.

What will never be replaced in the industry is the face to face; some call it the belly to belly. I’ve trained hundreds of thousands of people all over the world on this one fact.

The key is to do what works; one-on-ones, three-way calls—these things will always be the cornerstone because we are in the people business.

Social media improves the communications of a company: if one distributor has a problem, it’s more than likely most of the distributors have the same problem. If you have a tool that works locally, nationally and globally (such as social media), you have this ability for teams to stay connected, the company to stay connected to the field, and for people to do research on the company.

You get answers to question like:

• What are other people saying? (Digital Reputation Management)

• What are other people doing?

• What are other people posting about your company?

• What does the internet say about your company?

Many companies we begin working with have poor digital reputation management online. They have bad reputations, having only focused on sales and not on marketing. The social media question is: what do people find when they type the company name into a search engine?

One of the first things I like to propose to major leaders is social media training. What works for today’s network marketer is 15 minutes a day, a couple of simple steps and easy ways to grow their business.

The law of attraction occurs when you’re attractive. Where better can you do that on Facebook or any of the other popular social networks? Do you have a smartphone? Do you have a pocket digital camera? Can you go out with a girlfriend, your family, etc., and snap a quick picture? Do it when you’re at a lunch, or at a team event and let people get to know you and see you working hard and having fun. Let people see you growing your business. Let people see you being a leader.

You can do this with your personal life and your business. If you’re going to a Super Saturday event with your team, get everybody together and take a picture on your phone and post it to Facebook with a comment. How long does that take? About 10 seconds.

The simple thing about this is that the world is watching. That’s the great thing about social media. You can make friends for free and there are so many social networking sites – I’m going to refer to Facebook, because the whole world is connected to it. In addition to online social media, there are many platforms that companies provide which I highly encourage you use, as well as many other services.

A distributor once asked, “Bill how I would use Facebook to grow my business?” We went to her Facebook page. She searched Facebook for women’s weight-loss groups in her area and she responded with, “There are dozens!” There were many women’s weight loss groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I suggested she get in connect with one of the group leaders. She did so, introducing herself and her company’s product of delicious fat-burning coffees and teas.

The group organizer listened to the information about the natural, beautiful-tasting coffee & tea and asked the independent distributor if she would like to be the next keynote speaker. As the keynote speaker, the independent distributor explained the benefits of her product and the business opportunity involved. Just like that, customers and sellers were born.

After 25-plus years, everybody wants to use their warm market, but they can’t. I can’t talk to my friends and family anymore, I’ve burned out or gone through my warm market. How would you like to have an infinite warm market which would only take 15 minutes a day? Anybody can do this, the great thing is it’s all about having fun.

The law of attraction occurs when we’re attractive, and it works through social media as well. People trust people.

This is the first part of a two-part article. For Part 2, see How to succeed at social media in 15 minutes a day.

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  • Simon Oakley - Reply

    Apr 20, 2014

    Very insightful and you’ve just helped clarify how to use Social Media better than I am doing! Thankyou.

  • wilburngdalton - Reply

    Jul 11, 2014

    Well written article !!! Most of the business owners think that Social media marketing and they simply avoid it .But I think after reading this article they would definitely start marketing on Social media platforms .Get more details from for online marketing .

  • Haider Ali - Reply

    Oct 30, 2014


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