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Is Buying MLM Leads A Waste Of Money?

Article by: Dale Calvert
December 9, 2013


It seems like more and more I am getting the same question from customers and
clients regarding MLM Leads. They all want to know, “should I stop spending
money for mlm leads?”

For some of these clients and customers the answer was “Yes, absolutely!” For others, the answer was “No!”

Let me explain.

When you enter the network marketing industry, there are skills and attitudes that must be developed in order for you to become a professional in the industry. What career offers you the opportunity to earn a six figure a year income, without training?

None that I can think of, what about you?

Network Marketing is no different. I believe that one of the skills that you must develop in order to become a network marketing professional is prospecting, or lead generation. You should have the ability to develop your own leads. Even if you personally can afford to invest a few hundred dollars into various lead programs, there will be many people on your team who can’t invest in MLM Leads.

I believe as a leader it is your responsibility to be able to teach people effective, low-cost ways to generate leads in their local market. How can you teach that which you do not know?

One of the best ways to burn out new people is to throw them in the cold market with purchased leads from an MLM lead company. If they have not developed a certain level of competence working self-generated leads in their local market, the cold market will chew them up and spit them out!

The quality of purchased leads from MLM lead companies, at the very best, are inconsistent. If you want to run off potentially good people from your organization, have them pound the phones night after night just hoping that someone actually remembers completing an online form requesting information about a home based business.

I believe that you should be able to take any network marketing professional up in an airplane and drop them out with a parachute and where ever they land, they should be able to have their phone ringing with fresh, local, prospects who want to learn more about their product or service and opportunity.

After and only after you have accomplished that should you consider buying MLM leads to expand your business. The name of the game is sorting through numbers. Amateurs try to convince and professionals sort through people.

Lead programs and the internet give you a great chance to sort through more people quicker. But these programs are an addition to your local prospecting efforts, not a replacement.

In short, master recruiting in your local market first, well enough that you can teach theses methods to new team members. Then master recruiting online and with leads purchased from lead companies.

I also recommend that people use voice broadcasting with purchased leads, this allows you to find the people that are interested right now.

To learn more about “master lead generation” in your local market, there are a couple of websites in my author bio (Local MLM Leads/Create Online MLM Leads) that will show you how to become a network marketing professional, not a distributor that depends upon a 3rd party lead company to provide prospects for your business.

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