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Launch Your New MLM with Team Building

Article by: Alan Alpert | CEO, Smart Office Solutions
June 4, 2015

Getting a new business off the ground can seem daunting. It’s important to remember the secret ingredient that builds teams and breaks down walls: communication!

Effective communication pushes your leadership team up the challenging ramp towards launch. Inject motivational themes into conference calls and scheduled text alerts as you prepare to launch, and you’ll find that plans come together more smoothly. Encourage team members to collaborate often and effectively, helping them to achieve individual goals and move projects toward completion.

Leadership team

Keep in mind the goal you had for starting this new venture. Take a break from your agenda to periodically remind leadership of your long-term goals: financial independence, profit sharing, giving back to the community. There was a compelling reason you started this business. That reason can serve to help you stay motivated through the rounds of business plan development and funding.

Marketing team

Crowd-source ideas and material from your marketing team. Encourage creative recruitment and networking by highlighting effective blog and social media posts on your conference calls. Use telephone and web conferences to encourage marketers to share ideas and collaborate on pre-launch messaging.

Downline recruiting

Build sales and network pipelines quickly with constant communication and leadership presence. Use text messaging to drive attendance to training calls and webinars for recruiters. And hold frequent, open conference calls for prospects to attend, building excitement and giving a corporate backbone to independent representatives in the field.

Product announcements

Share the “a-ha!” moment that brought you to the point of launch. Your product is unique, the benefits are special, its effects are profound. As you roll out your catalog, invite product experts to address the company and answer questions via text messaging or Twitter.

Sales and compensation

Recognition is a key factor in rapid field growth. Put your compensation plans and rank advancement strategy to use with regular recognition calls. Get into the habit of inviting newly advanced leaders to speak on conference calls and live video webinars, sharing real life success stories with others in the field and motivating other team members to duplicate their results.

The good communications habits your team establishes prior to launch will sustain your business at all levels throughout the critical first year in business. Maintaining open lines of communication in all departments of your business, at all levels, will assist you in utilizing the most important asset of your multi-level marketing organization—your people.

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Alan Alpert | CEO, Smart Office Solutions

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