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Keith Laggos


Keith Laggos has been in the direct sales industry for 33 years, half of that time as a successful distributor.He is president of a 19-year-old multilevel company, which he founded. He is a board member of an industry association as well as other companies, an expert witness and an industry consultant. His publishing company is the largest in the industry and produces Network Marketing Business Journal (formerly Money Makers Monthly), the Direct Sales Journal (the first direct sales college textbook), Direct Sales–An Overview, and Higher Than the Highest Mountain. His newest book is How to Recruit & Sell in an Over-commercialized Society (R & S).

Laggos has also been published and quoted in other publications and academic journals around the world. Laggos has a bachelors degree in math and computer science, a masters of business degree in management and marketing, a masters degree in economics and a doctorate in public policy analysis, and a doctorate in business economics.

Articles by Keith Laggos

  • December 17, 2014

    The basics of party plans

    More and more networking companies are embracing party plans as a distribution model. Here's an overview of how party plans work and how they can work for you. In the traditional party pl... Read more