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Kerry Patterson

Kerry Patterson is a retired Marine Captain.

He started network marketing 2 years before he retired and replaced his Captain pay before he retired.

During the first 10 years in this industry, he became one of the top 100 income Earners with his first company and has consistently earned a 6-figure income. Kerry got started in Network Marketing in December 1994 and attributes most of His success to his mentors Chuck and Sandra Hoover.

Kerry currently follows Eric Worre’s concepts as outlined in his book, Go Pro. The mentors in his present company are Donald Bradley and Orlanda Moore. Kerry learned many of the principles of success from his 20 years in the military. Those most important to his Network Marketing success include self-reliance, Discipline, poise, self confidence, and courage.

Articles by Kerry Patterson

  • January 15, 2015

    Seven Steps to Success in the MLM Industry

    It was my great pleasure to work with Eric Worre to help improve my skills in the MLM business. The following are what he calls the seven skills to success in the network marketing professio... Read more