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Review: Partylite’s Candle Warmer and Scents

Article by: Tonya Adams
November 1, 2015


Hot apple cider, crisp air, changing leaves, and all things pumpkin; oh, how I love Fall. It means the start of fun holidays, warm food, and yummy scents. I don’t know about you, but a lot of my emotions and memories are connected with scents. I can’t smell wassail without thinking about playing in the snow as a child and coming inside to some hot homemade wassail.  When Fall rolls around, I get so excited to have my house smell festive, and to reflect on my feelings of the season. I’ve always wanted a candle warmer and knew that this year I had to have one with some amazing scents.   I ordered a white candle warmer from with 5 different scents: caramel pear, coconut caress, cinnamon sparkle, holiday spices, and iced snowberries. The candle warmer was $18 and the scents were 5 for $25.  Each scent package comes with 9 breakoff scent melts. It was important to me to have something flameless that won’t burn my young kids. This warmer fits the bill perfectly.


I was nervous that I would go through the melts really fast—that their scents wouldn’t stay strong enough for very long. That absolutely was not the case. First thing in the morning I turn on my warmer and after an hour my whole house smells amazing. I love that I don’t have to keep it on all day for the scent to spread. Each of the scents I ordered smells phenomenal and I can’t wait to order more. Partylite also offers candles, home décor, and holiday themed gifts. Through their website you can find a consultant in your area, and you can host a party at home or online to earn free products.

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