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Sell it with Video

Article by: Tina Rawlins
December 1, 2015

One popular style of selling online or at a one to one meeting is through the use of video. You might wonder how you can make an affordable video that gives your potential retail customer and business opportunity prospect a ton of information without breaking the bank. In the direct selling industry, the most popular videos are testimonials about products and business opportunities. Always check with your company to review the regulations on what you can and can’t say about your product and business opportunity before creating your video.

Here are a few tools you for creating and distributing videos.


If you don’t have a budget for a camera, lights, and videographers for your videos you might want to try animation.


Cost: Free / $19 per month / $59 per month

Powtoon is a great way to make videos without needing a video camera. You simply use cartoon elements to create an “explainer video”. Explainer videos are perfect for marketing professionals who want to explain a lot of information in an easy to understand way. Small businesses love the low cost of creating a Powtoon video. It is also used by many educators; this is a great idea for creating custom content to distribute to your downline for general sales training and motivation ideas.

The steps are simple. Simply create a short script, create your elements, record your voiceover, and publish! The interface is easy to use, and you can upload your finished project to your YouTube channel. Are you giving speaking engagements to get in front of more people with your business? Consider an animated Powtoon instead of PowerPoint slides to make you and your presentation memorable.



Video planning

If you’re interested in posting videos regularly you can create a video content calendar to help you plan and organize your future content.


Cost: Free (regular), $8.33 (business class) per user per month when paid annually.

Trello is one tool you can use to brainstorm topics and consider video challenges. Trello claims that its true value is in being able to get rid of sticky notes. When you consider the fact that they have the mobile apps for Trello (iOS, Android) I have to agree. I’d rather get rid of the sticky notes that are cluttering my wall.


Video Hosting

An essential way to distribute video and livestreamed content to large audiences. Create a channel that targets a niche audience and build audience by adding value and information weekly.


Cost: Free

Are you going to livestream on YouTube? Promote your live event across all your videos both before and during the event. When you create your live scheduled event in the creator studio, then you can checkmark a simple promotion and alert your viewership for 1 hour, 12 hours, or a week prior to the event.



Don’t forget to use the video description area to put in text about your videos to make them more searchable and include a few links to your website and other resources on the video topic. By adding descriptions, you create the opportunity for free traffic to your other social networks and your website.

It’s Relevant and It’s Relevant Distribution

This new platform sells video to television networks. Let’s look at an example of how you might use a distribution service like It’s Relevant. You might use it if you are a health coach and you want the world to know that you are the expert on healthy cooking and new and easy ways to get motivated for a workout.

The website says it has a market for 1-3-minute videos on education, schools, food, cooking, causes, real estate, technology, travel, entertainment, general health, and fashion. You would retain ownership of your content. Your video content could be selected to be shown in hotel lobbies, restaurants, waiting rooms, and other locations.


Social Blade

Cost: Free

Social Blade is a statistics site, it tracks channel viewers each day. You can use Social Blade to determine for your channel or compare against other channels in the network. It is a free tool that you can use to find and track other video channels that you may want to partner with to grow awareness about you and your own channel.

social blade


Cost: Free

Vine, a social media and short video syndication platform, can help any direct seller share content and a unique or funny point of view around the web. These videos are easy to create but are more viral when they are delivered as a short storyline. You can upload videos from their mobile apps or from your desktop.



A vertical live broadcasting video platform. It uses a “heart” to promote or vote for content and the more you receive the more the content is promoted in the social network and viewership. This is one of the best ways to livestream from a mobile app (iTunes, Google Play). It is connected to twitter and is a great way to broadcast your vision, motivation, and business objectives to your team.

A few things to remember about periscope to make it work well for you:
• Consider the time of day that you are broadcasting. Choose a time that works for your audience.
• Create an attractive title for your video.
• Promote the date and time on your other social media channels.
• Post to Twitter before and after your event.
• Respond to comments live.


I hope that these ideas for creating video to grow your business will motivate you to get started whether you are going live, recording explainer videos, or creating value for your YouTube audience. Each method of content creation will bring you the best in visibility to grow your reputation. We would love to see the videos you create. Comment below and let us see your video creations.

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