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Using Technology to Inspire and Motivate Others To Take Action

Article by: Tina Rawlins
February 20, 2015

Is there a formula to becoming inspirational and motivational? Yes there is: creating your motivational story and sharing it. Can you become inspirational and motivate others to take action? Yes, but if you have concerns you are not alone. I recently watched a video in which Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and John Reese discussed the same question: why don’t people follow through, and how can we change that? How can we inspire in a way that makes real change in people’s lives?

I realize that you may not be a part of a big product or company launch like these gentlemen were. However consider for a moment that each person you work with that experiences your product or service for the first time is a part your product launch. Each person you share your product with has the potential to share the product or service with 10, 50, or 5000 more people. What are you doing to communicate the value and the benefits of the business you have and make it easy for people to share it for you?

The formula

If you have a direct selling or network marketing business, I suggest incorporating inspiration and motivation into your communication. The three key aspects of imparting inspiration and motivation to your target audience can be influenced by these activities.

  • Identify your motivation factors.
  • Communicate your inspiration.
  • Create ways to serve your audience.
  • Practice your storytelling.

Let’s get to the practical application. In order to help you identify your motivation factors you will need to participate in some creative activities. You might start recording videos daily, write in a journal, record a call with a coach each day or you might use some of these ideas to capture your inspiration:

● Create a list of things you are grateful for.
● Write down your “why”. Why are you in the business that you are in? 
People want to share or identify with you and your why.
● Record a video or write down your story and gather your videos, photos, and write down the feelings you have as you review your story.
● Create a vision board or write down how your story will end. Remember to include the feelings you will have when you achieve your goals. The vision you have is the end of the story.

The next step is to leverage your potential. Here are some tools we found that can help you communicate your authentic self and your business or product opportunity to the world:

Gratitude Journal App
● Try creating a Hyperlapse video with your iphone.
● Create a beautiful powerpoint and share it with SlideShare or the SlideShare App SlideShare or the SlideShare App.
● Tell your story with an animated video.
● Add inspirational message to your e-mail signature tag.
● Create A Digital Vision Board from your phone and Picmonkey.

The emotional connector

Once you begin to share your story and your vision, you will be able to connect with people on an emotional level. Share your inspirational experiences through video, email, and phone calls. Follow up with individuals and ask them about their successes in life, using your product, or their journey in creating a network marketing business. Ask people for permission to share their success. I promise that as you do this you will find fulfillment and success like you never have before. Look at examples of other storytellers to inspire you to tell more about your life and experiences. You may start to see the world become more vibrant and full of opportunities that you might not have seen before.

Just be you, and be the best you possible!

When you model a behavior and a business that is impactful, people will see and will become certain that taking a specific action will yield a specific result. You will make an impact in the world. Make inspirational communication a habit. When you look back at a year’s worth of content you will see the amazing life and business that you created through obsession, passion, gratitude, and your story.

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