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Vemma Back in Business

Article by: Jana Bangerter
January 7, 2016

Vemma’s website is back up. They are once again taking orders. No doubt several of our readers have been holding their breath, waiting for this moment. The brief asset freeze and TRO ended a few weeks ago, but it’s taken them some time to get operations back up after the court appointed Receiver closed their doors.

If you’ve been following the case here on, you probably know that just coming out of the Receivership was a big deal—it hadn’t happened in any of the previous 16 cases against MLM companies. This—Vemma coming back to the market—is a make or break moment.

We’ve said before that the best way to support Vemma’s fight against the pyramid scheme allegations is to purchase product as soon as you can. So if you stand with Vemma, vote with your dollars!

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