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Increase Your Productivity with Time Saving Apps

Article by: Tina Rawlins
December 26, 2014

People rely on phones and apps to make their lives easier and manage a business on-the-go. It is important to take time to improve your processes of conducting business so that you can grow and improve your quality of life. The process of finding the right apps can be tricky and there are a few things you should know before you review popular apps for productivity. Here are a few helpful tips:

  •  Read the fine print. If an app asks you to agree to something, reconsider the app. A simple and useful app can also contain malware or viruses which can access your phone’s data. Generally in the iPhone or Google Play App Store these are highly monitored, but it’s easy to download malicious apps straight from websites. Beware of apps that are not in an official app store.
  •  Read the reviews. Generally each app provider will have friends and employees seed a few positive reviews. However, general users will be quick to warn against apps that have malware in their updates.
  • Review the ratings. In the market places there will be opportunities to rate an app. Generally if you see nothing but 5 stars and just a few reviews, be wary. There should be a mix of ratings.
  • Download a reputable anti-virus. Some malware can masquerade as an antivirus software service. Stick to well known and reputable services like Norton for Mobile or McAfee Mobile Security.

There are literally hundreds of apps being released each month. The last step to evaluating any app is to dedicate some time to use it and then ask yourself:

● Are your business decisions more informed?

● Did you decrease your time spent on tasks?

● Did you feel it helped you be more effective in your business?

When starting or growing a business, time is money. At one point or another, we’ve all been guilty of procrastination. To compete for attention from your prospects you will need tools to help you connect, sell, and recruit to grow your business, but finding the tools that help you fight the temptation to procrastinate is just as vital.

Do you procrastinate? We have an app to help you with that.

The Pomodoro technique increases productivity by giving you brief working intervals and regular breaks. It’s been around since the 80s, and there are several apps on the market to help you make it a part of your regular work flow. Before you try it for yourself, check out this article. It may be helpful for you to determine if it is right for you.

The Pomodoro Technique app

Here’s a video about the app. You can check it out and read reviews in the apple app store.


Or, check out this TeamViz Pomodoro App, also available on apple products.


While researching the Pomodoro Technique we found this juicy free ebook about productivity at

People have sworn by the Pomodoro Technique for years, but there are so many ways to increase your productivity. Take a look at some of the apps we enjoy that help us save time.

iPhone productivity apps

  •  SlyDial—As a network marketer you may have hundreds or thousands of people to contact and follow up with. Perhaps it’s time to rekindle the 80’s conference call but make it more personal. You can use Slydial to follow up with people without getting dragged into a long-winded conversation. SlyDial will send a recorded message directly to any cell phone voicemail. Check it out in the app store, or at SlyDial’s official site.
  •  iPhone As Your Office Course—Although it’s not an app, we want to direct your attention to this course in maximizing the value of your iPhone. You may have recently switched to an iPhone or just want to learn to do more for your business while you are running errands and managing life. This is an entire course dedicated to managing your business on an iPhone. The course helps you learn and work faster while remaining focused on the task at hand. As in any business, being focused can be challenging. This course might be your solution to those days of feeling disorganized or overwhelmed.
  • Google Voice—If you have an iPhone you should try out the Google Voice App. You can learn more about it here, and find it in the app store.
  •  OVER—Make Amazing Posts. Make your posts stand out in social media. Over lets you enhance your photos by adding text (in a variety of fonts) and artwork. Everything you add is highly customizable. For a detailed view of the app’s features, check out this video.
  •  SwiftKey Keyboard and Note—Here is an app that learns from you. This keyboard is designed to specifically determine suggestions so that you type less and save time. Check out this video to learn more.
  •  Mileage Expense Log—One of the reasons you may have wanted to start a home business was the great tax write offs. This app tracks your mileage without taking up your time. It’s only available on IOS but it is very helpful when tax time rolls around.
  • HighRise—A CRM + Contact Manager and Email Marketing platform hybrid. Your address book doesn’t do enough. CRM software tries to do too much. This service provides simple contact management. It is especially helpful if you have an assistant or work as a team. To learn more about it, watch this video.

Android productivity apps

  • SlyDial—Yes, it is available on Android. Leave messages directly to someone’s voicemail and get the word out without having to have lengthy conversations. If you skipped past the iPhone section, here again is a video detailing how the app works.
  • When I Work—This App is great. If you are going in a Co-Op for a booth or fair with your team you can use this app to share a schedule with your teammates. For more information, watch this video.
  •  Google Slides—This is a great place to upload your powerpoint presentations. With this app you can show a sales presentation instantly from a phone or tablet. Check out this video for more information.
  •  JotterPad—This is a fuss free app that allows you to write without any distractions. It’s great if you find a few minutes to write an article or a blog that is valuable to your target market. For more information, watch this.
  •  Todoist—With apps and extensions for 13 platforms, your tasks are always there: on mobile devices, browsers, mailboxes, and more. We especially like the reminders via SMS, Email, and other notifications inside applications. Here’s a video with more details on how the app works.
  •  Google Voice—Don’t want to give out your cell number all the time? Google Voice offers a phone number that can forward to any number you want. We especially like the fact that it does some quick text translation of voicemails. And the fact that there is an App for that. Read more about it here.
  • Quick—Make your posts stand out in social media. This app lets you add totally customized text and artwork to your images.

We could have listed hundreds of apps that are valuable time savers. Check out our recommendations, but go out and explore for yourself. We hope you take some time to safely and effectively evaluate many new apps including the ones we have listed in this article. Simply adding a few well-utilized apps will help you stay organized to help tackle even your busiest days. Share those apps you find truly helpful with your team to build a successful network marketing or direct selling business!

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