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Jana Bangerter

Articles by Jana Bangerter

  • March 26, 2017

    8 Tips for Tightening Your MLM Legal Strategy in the US

    Is your network marketing company safe? It’s the question you secretly dread. No one can tell you with certainty how to keep your direct sales company out of regulators’ crosshairs. No ... Read more

  • February 6, 2017


    Bullet Journals are incredibly hip right now. The #bulletjournal Instagram tag has over two million posts. The Bullet Journal subreddit has more than 72,000 subscribers. The trend is picking... Read more

  • December 20, 2016

    Vemma settles with the FTC

    On December 15th 2016, Vemma and the FTC reached a settlement. The settlement contains no admission of fault or any finding that Vemma operated unlawfully or operated as a pyramid scheme and... Read more

  • May 24, 2016

    What’s going on in China?

    Expanding into a new country means adapting your commissions and operations to suit the market. Sometimes the adaptations you’ll need to make are small; sometimes they’re big. Entering C... Read more

  • February 22, 2016

    Start By Designing Your Business Card

    In our recent articles about personal brand, we talked about apps you can use to develop a consistent look and feel to your branded material. At that time, we didn’t talk about perhaps the... Read more

  • February 1, 2016

    What can we learn from Ava Anderson’s closure?

    Direct sales company Ava Anderson closed their doors after allegations about the ingredients in their products. In news reports about the closure, the following information is made clear: th... Read more

  • January 19, 2016

    App review: Habitica

    I got turned on to Habitica through a recommendation on Reddit. The idea immediately interested me—it’s a game, but the way you score in the game is by building real-life habits that imp... Read more