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Michael Puskas

Michael Puskas is a motivation coach interested in helping others succeed in network marketing as well as other aspects of life.  He believes that life is a gift and is meant to be enjoyed in the fullest way.  “Most people are like ships without rudders who will never reach their chosen port-of-call without help.”  Michael feels compelled to inspire and motivate others to have dreams, set goals, visualize life as they want it and not accept life as it appears.  His motto is:  “With God, all things are possible!”



Michael lives in Columbus, OH with his wife Sandy.  They have one 

beautiful daughter daughter and two awesome granddaughters.   The also 

have two adorable (and spoiled) Toy Poodles.  Michael and Sandy are 

affiliates of Vitamark International and involved with the Mentoring 

for Free program.







Michael Puskas

Life Coach & Home Business Consultant

Home: 614-901-3840  Mobile:  614-578-8838


Skype: MichaelPuskas5426



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