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Russ Fletcher

Sr. Director, Information Technology, XanGo

Mr. Fletcher has been at XanGo since 2006.  He began his time at XanGo as the Director of the Project Management Office area of the Information Technology department.  In that capacity he was responsible for the rigorous Request for Quote (RFQ) procedures that XanGo used to select their current core processing engine and distributor tools.  He was also instrumental in the successful implementation of both of these systems in 2007.  In 2008 he was given responsibility for the entire IT department, as Senior Director.


Mr. Fletcher has been working with technology business ventures since 1988. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree from MIT, he immediately began to focus on the business side of new technology. From 1989 to 1992 he was an associate at Fletcher Spaght (no relation), a Boston-based strategy consulting firm. During that time he learned the fundamentals of business strategy consulting in a wide variety of industries including software, consumer electronics, direct mail, paper production, and small manufacturing.  Mr. Fletcher gained a particular expertise in the PC software industry, working for both large clients (Ingram Micro, Lotus) and entrepreneurs (Gold Hill, Symbolics).


Following his experience at Fletcher Spaght he became a Senior Consultant at Lighthouse Consulting. His fluency in Spanish allowed Lighthouse to use him in their extensive Latin American banking consultancy. Mr. Fletcher worked for client banks in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, El Salvador, and Honduras.  Mr. Fletcher gained extensive experience in software analysis, and in the problems faced by and solutions available to different financial institutions. 


Immediately prior to joining XanGo, Mr. Fletcher worked for The Potomac Group, a management and political consulting firm in Salt Lake City.  In that capacity he served as acting CEO for several businesses, including the Anniversary Inn chain of bed and breakfast hotels, among others.  Additionally, through Potomac he served as the e-campaign manager for Utah’s Senator Robert F. Bennett.  He was also a formal or informal advisor to a number of other local and statewide campaigns in using the power of the Internet to improve their scope and reach to their constituents.  His business background provided a practical and efficient approach to local Internet politics, as well as to campaign strategy. 

BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering (Klapp and Poliak award for excellence in undergraduate design research) MBA, Brigham Young University (Beta Gamma Sigma, national business school honor society, top 2% of class). 2001 “Top 25 Utah Companies under Five Years Old” as President of The Avistar Group (Awarded by the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum)

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