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The Attitude of Success

Article by: Scotty Jones
November 26, 2013

Success is more than material possessions or a large bank account—it’s an attitude. To be an effective MLM business leader, an attitude of self-confidence is paramount. It’s the foundation of leadership. The people in your MLM organization must believe in you to feel comfortable following your lead. Their confidence in you hinges on your confidence in yourself.

You can be successful in your mind long before wealth catches up by learning how to generate the confidence necessary to inspire others. I have created a three-stage approach to gaining more self-confidence:

Stage 1: Self-Evaluation

Before you can determine where you need to go, you must first determine where you are. Get into the right mindset and take time to evaluate yourself, then determine your desired destination. No matter the obstacles or difficulties during this process, you must commit to doing what is necessary to achieve the desired results. I suggest using the S.A.I.D approach in this phase—

  • Strengths. What do you feel yours are? What do others perceive them to be?
  • Achievements. What are the top 10 achievements in your life?
  • Importance. What things are of most importance to you in life?
  • Destination. What are your goals? Set them and write them down. Be specific!

The key is to program your mind for what you want to achieve by making a solid commitment and staying focused on just that goal. It’s okay if you get a bit discouraged as long as you stay on task. As you begin to discover yourself and what you want, your confidence will naturally begin to develop.

Stage 2: Take Baby Steps

As you achieve small goals, celebrate your successes. Every time you do this, you will gain more self-confidence and become more positive about your actions. It’s imperative to remain positive throughout this entire process, even if you become frustrated or discouraged. It will be much easier to get back on track if you don’t focus on your setbacks.

Stage 3: The Finish Line

Hopefully, by this stage, you have experienced some success by setting and achieving self-confidence goals and your level of confidence is growing to levels you never thought possible. However, now is not the time to get comfortable. Challenge yourself even more and push out of your comfort zone once again. With every step toward success, take yet another step up and set your goals a little higher.

The key is saying to yourself each day, “I can do this!” Once this belief sinks in, you will see that self-confidence is nothing more than a mindset. A way of thinking. An attitude. If you believe you can accomplish something, your subconscious mind will work overtime to achieve it.

Follow these simple steps, constantly push forward, and challenge yourself every day in every MLM business opportunity. Soon you will be on the right path to having an attitude of success!

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