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The Beauty Of The Binary Plan

Article by: Michael Brymer
May 19, 2010

MLM program pay plans are a bit like girlfriends or boyfriends. You believe that the one you have is the best! There are lots of MLM or network marketing pay plans.

Over the years, I had often heard of MLM programs with a binary pay plan, but I had misconceptions about them, which unfortunately stopped me from joining any of those programs. Talk of not profiting from the longer leg of a binary plan had closed my eyes and ears to the beauty of this plan.

Whatever your preconceptions of a binary pay plan are, you will be sold on this MLM program after reading this article. I’m going to show you how to take extreme advantage of a binary pay plan, so get ready for extreme enlightenment! Like all my articles, this one contains hands-on nitty gritty ideas of things you can do that actually work and will change and excite you for the better.

In most MLM programs, your upline members are very helpful but usually don’t go as far as to place members under you to improve your profit line. They may initially step in to help get you on your feet and off to a good start for both you and them, but that’s basically where their efforts stop.

It is often said in MLM that you make money on your downline and not on your upline, so look after your downline. In most MLM pay plans this is true, but not in a binary pay plan because your upline has no choice but to, at the least, place half of his new members under you—if not all of them!

In a matrix plan you can also get members from your upline, which is often called “spill over.” With a matrix, your upline member may have five people on his first level, which means that you may only get one-fifth of any spill over, if you happen to be on his first level—less if you are on his second, and so forth. A binary pay plan has only two legs—thus the “bi” in binary, meaning two. Every new member is placed one under the other. In a binary pay plan, you find yourself in one of your upline’s two legs. Depending on the person, the two legs are often called the right and left leg, longer and shorter leg, or stronger and weaker leg.

The longer or stronger leg is the leg you join, and it will always be longer and stronger because of all the people above you who are constantly putting new members under you. You are getting paying members put under you for free! This is unheard of (or very rarely seen) with most other MLM pay plans.

The shorter or weaker leg is the new leg you start. You build this leg to cash in on the free, longer/stronger leg you originally joined. Apart from any required placements, seldom do you have to place members in your stronger leg, so everyone you recruit is placed in your new leg—your shorter leg. Your job is to build just one leg, placing every new member one under the other, benefiting all members in that leg.

Which MLM binary program you join will dictate how many members you need to place in each of the two legs to receive group commission payments. For example, the MLM program I am in says I must sponsor one member into my left leg and one member into my right leg to qualify for group commissions. So, my mission is to personally sponsor two members—one into my original leg and one into my new leg. Royalty or group commissions are paid on groups of members.

Group commission example: For every three members in my short leg, I get paid on six members in my long leg. So, if I have 300 members in my short leg, then I will be paid on 600 members in my long leg. In most other programs, I would only be paid on the 300 members I and my members brought in, if that!

The beauty of a binary program lies heavily in the following facts:

  • You only need to sponsor two people to qualify for group commissions.
  • You are paid on twice as many people as the group you build.
  • You only have to build one leg.
  • Every member you sponsor is placed under all the other members in the leg you are building.
  • All members benefit from all new members sponsored by all upline members in that leg.
  • The above points are easy to explain and powerful points to present when recruiting new and experienced MLM members.

Apart from group commissions and depending on the program you join, you can receive a great bonus on each and every person you personally sponsor!

With current internet automation, you can have every person you sponsor automatically placed in either your longer or shorter leg, or have placement automatically alternated evenly between the two legs. As your new leg grows, it will pick up incredible speed like a small snowball rolling down a snow-covered mountain.

With a binary pay plan, I can tell my prospects that when they join, I will be placing all future members I sponsor under them—members that they will profit on. Can you say this with any other MLM pay plan and do it? A binary pay plan lets you help others while helping yourself!

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